Who is Samatha Yoga?

Sherri Koehler teaches yoga grounded in loving-kindness and joy; her classes and private sessions are dedicated to teaching tools for fostering compassion and befriending the body on, and off, the mat. She specializes in helping students adapt their yoga practice to the needs of their whole mind / body system; she believes it possible for everyone to experience joy & ease in practice.

In addition to her deep knowledge of anatomy & physiology, neuroscience, and yoga philosophy, she also shares insight gained through her years of practice and self-study. Yoga is a vital healing tool in Sherri’s personal journey with chronic pain and PTSD.

She specializes in working with students living, or newly diagnosed, with chronic conditions as well as seniors. Sherri also has a decade of experience bringing yoga into corporate environments; from large conferences to small companies. Sherri has inspired over 120 people to get on their feet and enjoy easy, accessible yoga asana that can be done anywhere, without any props.

Sherri is a certified Integrated Movement Therapist, having completed her internship in June 2017. Sherri completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification in 2009, and is also a certified Silver Sneakers Yoga Instructor.