Online Classes!

Join me 6 mornings most weeks for yoga via Zoom! Sign up for my email list! I send out the all the class links at the beginning of the month.

Yoga in Chairs, 65 minutes, 10AM (Pacific), Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Kirtan, 20 minutes, 11:10AM (Pacific), Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Yoga for Vitality, 80 minutes, 11AM (Pacific), Tuesday and Thursday

Yoga for Resiliency, 80 minutes, 10AM (Pacific), Most Saturdays, schedule varies each month.

    Class Descriptions

    All of my classes allow time for student questions about the practice. Anything from how to adapt a posture for a particular need, what breath practices offer, how to use various yoga props, to suggestions as to how to place one’s feet in a pose. Truly, all questions are welcome during all class styles!

    • Yoga for Resiliency: Learn how to use yoga as a tool for cultivating optimal well-being for the whole mind / body system through nurturing a deep compassion for your whole self while cultivating resiliency. This class offers a combination of both held and flowing movements to build strength & grow balance and features breath practices throughout. Guided meditation begins and ends the class, to cultivate self-soothing skills and deep rest.  A chair can be used for support during practice.
    • Yoga in Chairs: This class encourages movement through the whole body using a series of gentle seated and standing postures. Yoga postures and timing of class are adapted to seniors and is safe for many chronic health conditions. Chair support is offered to provide stability while letting students feel safe exploring movements that promote flexibility, strength, and range of motion. All postures can be done from chair. Classes are done wearing gym shoes. Class also features breath practices and chanting to benefit pulmonary health, guided meditation is offered during the resting posture at the end.
    • Yoga for Vitality: This chair-assisted class teaches students to cultivate vitality using yoga practices that support cardiovascular, pulmonary, and mental health while improving strength, balance, and flexibility. Postures are done seated in a chair, standing, and lying on the floor; instruction in using chair to move safely to and from the floor included as part of class. In addition to movement, this class features breath exercises and guided meditations. 
    • Kirtan: This practice of call-and-response chanting is done to build the strength and capacity of the lungs as well and lift up energy and soothe the nervous system. Chants are online to help students learn the words and tunes to the simple set of chants we sing together.

    Other Styles of Classes Offered:

    (as of 3/14/2020 all in person classes suspended!) 

    • Deep Stretch: This class, inspired by Yin Yoga, offers long poses focused on improving flexibility and range-of-motion. This class is optimized to benefit students 60+
    • Restorative Yoga: This class slowly takes students through deeply supported poses to encourage gentle lengthening and relaxing of the body as well as stilling the busy or agitated mind. Classes sometimes include a guided meditation at the end. All levels welcome.
    • Super Soothe Workshops: This workshop style session begins with gentle Hatha movement followed by Restorative postures and ends with Yoga Nidra, a long guided meditation. This combination is designed to soothe anxiety & stress while awakening your nervous system to a deep state of rest & repair for the whole system.
    • Yoga Nidra:  A long guided meditation that takes the student to a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, that allows deep rest for the nervous system. Students often experience a feeling of well-being, reduced anxiety, and relaxation.
    • Gentle Hatha Flow: This class offers a combination of deep stretches, some held and some while enjoying flowing movements, Vinyasa, are offered to encourage lengthening, strengthening, joint mobility, and improved balance. Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation are also included to help students feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Class begins with a guided meditation and ends with a restorative posture. The use of props and adaptive postures are offered to assist each student explore practice in a self-compassionate way. All levels welcome.
    • Metta Yoga: This workshop format class invites students to befriend their bodies through practice with Loving-kindness, or Metta, meditation while moving through gentle, flowing and held postures. Class ends with a deeply restorative posture and guided meditation. All levels welcome.
    • Classic Hatha Yoga: This classic style offers a combination of held and flowing postures to build strength and improve balance. Floor postures, many standing postures, and sometimes inversions and arm balances are explored in a playful, encouraging style. These classes might be gentle or more challenging, including inversions and arm balances, depending upon the needs of the students.
    • Beginner’s Yoga / Yoga Fundamentals: A fun class that demystifies yoga Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathwork), basic meditation, and all those Sanskrit words. ample time is take to demonstrate techniques and includes details about the anatomy used. Classes also include modifications to make postures easier or more challenging. Includes beginning inversions, arm balances, and Vinyasa (flowing poses). All levels welcome.