Yoga for Healing & Restoration

Bringing the restorative power of yoga to Every Body.


Sherri Koehler offers Samatha Yogaa mobile teaching practice which brings experienced yoga instruction into your home, office, school, team meeting, social gathering, or to your next business conference.

Samatha Yoga will coordinate space rental, and/or do site visit to select appropriate space for group classes ahead of time, particularly for group classes being offered at conferences, meetings, etc.

Weekly Classes

In addition to classes for corporate fitness centers and athletic clubs, Sherri teaches several public classes in Portland, Oregon each week. Check out the schedule of her current classes and find a place where you might join her.

Group Yoga Sessions

Want to bring a Yoga Break to your next team event or conference in the Portland Metro Area? Samatha Yoga has years of experience bringing accessible, fun yoga activities to events large and small.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private instruction in Hatha Yoga and therapeutic yoga sessions. Learn how to best use your environment to support your Yoga practice. Available in the Portland Metro Area and beyond, as for a quote!


Check in to see what workshops and other events are being offered by Sherri in the Portland Metro Area.

Child’s Pose – Balasana

Pose of the Month: Balasana, "Child's Pose" Sanskrit: Bāla - Child, infant Bālāsana - Child's Pose   If you've ever attended a yoga class there's a good chance you've heard an instructor say something along these lines, "If you need a break, just go into Child's...

Why We Do Restorative Yoga

This post originally appeared on the Yoga Service Council blog in April 2018. “Why do we do Restorative Yoga?” Recently a student asked me this question at the beginning of a class. They added, “I mean, it feels good, but what good is it?” Restorative Yoga is unlike...

Just Enough

Last month Trinity College Dublin released a study* that identifies how the brain functions when prāṇāyāma helps us to focus. The study revealed activity in an area of the brainstem, the locus coeruleus, which produces noradrenaline. This chemical helps us to focus...

Loving-Kindness for Anxious Times

The endless cycle of daily outrage and despair over events of the day is exhausting. There is so much to worry about; climate change, Supreme Court vacancies for those of us in the U.S.A., the rights of asylees and refugees, the rising tide of white nationalism, etc....

Project capability, not fragility.

Helping students feel capable, competent, and empowered to make positive changes while strengthening their resiliency.