Yoga for Healing & Restoration

Bringing the restorative power of yoga to Every Body.


Sherri Koehler offers Samatha Yogaa mobile teaching practice which brings experienced yoga instruction into your home, office, school, team meeting, social gathering, or to your next business conference.

Samatha Yoga will coordinate space rental, and/or do site visit to select appropriate space for group classes ahead of time, particularly for group classes being offered at conferences, meetings, etc.

Weekly Classes

In addition to classes for corporate fitness centers and athletic clubs, Sherri teaches several public classes in Portland, Oregon each week. Check out the schedule of her current classes and find a place where you might join her.

Group Yoga Sessions

Want to bring a Yoga Break to your next team event or conference in the Portland Metro Area? Samatha Yoga has years of experience bringing accessible, fun yoga activities to events large and small.

Private Yoga Sessions

Private instruction in Hatha Yoga and therapeutic yoga sessions. Learn how to best use your environment to support your Yoga practice. Available in the Portland Metro Area and beyond, as for a quote!

Take Classes

Check in to see what weekly classes and monthly workshops are offered by Sherri in the Portland Metro Area.

On Payment

A Note About Payment was first sent in May 2020 to my newsletter recipients. I've since expanded it to this post that explains my philosophy on payment and how to pay me. Since April 2020 I've received many questions about payment, concerns about my financial...

Kirtan: Strong Breath & Energy

Keep checking back on this page, it is slowly expanding into a resource for learning the chants we do together after Yoga in Chairs. What is Kirtan? Kirtan is a form of both meditation and devotional, Bhakti Yoga, practice. It is done through chanting mantra...

Always Whole; Pūrṇam Mantra

Reflections on Change and the Pūrṇam Mantra

Growing, Renewal

This year I've screwed up my courage and sent proposals to two conferences (so far!) and BOTH have been accepted. I'm thrilled to share that in June I'll be presenting at the Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research (SYTAR) and in October I'll be at the Accessible Yoga...

Project capability, not fragility.

Helping students feel capable, competent, and empowered to make positive changes while strengthening their resiliency.