• Opens the shoulders, triceps, underarms, and chest in the upper body.
  • The legs are also given a good stretch.
  • Tapping over the breastbone activates the thymus gland which produces 65-75% of the lymphosites in the body. Lymphosites work to consume unhealthy bacteria and viruses in the body.


  • Injuries in the shoulders may make this a difficult pose. It may still be possible, with modification, such as keeping the arm lower.


  • Stand with the hip near a wall, about 6-12 inches away.
  • Step the foot nearest to the wall forward and foot away from the wall back. Feet will be about 3 feet apart, similar to Vrhbdrasana (warrior) I
  • Bring the hand of the arm closest to the wall behind you at shoulder height or lower and spread out the fingers of the hand onto the wall.
  • On an exhalation bend into the front knee until an opening is felt in the chest or shoulder nearest to the wall.
  • Get a strong pelvic tilt, bringing the pubic bone towards the navel. This will bring additional opening to the quadriceps of the leg furthest from the wall.
  • Keep the chin parallel to the floor.
  • With the free, outside hand, lightly tap the breastbone to activate the thymus gland.
  • Breathe deeply for several breaths the release the arm and step forward.
  • Pivot around so outside now is closest to the wall and repeat steps.