Tada – A mountain

Mountain Posture

Tadasana is the foundation for all standing postures just as Dandasana is the foundation for all seated postures.


  • Standing correctly is grounding to both the body and mind
  • Helps to improve posture by strengthening the back, abdomen, and legs.
  • May help to alleviate types of back pain aggravated by poor posture.


  • Those with low blood pressure may need to avoid elevating the arms and/or may benefit by using a wall as a support.


  • Stand with the feet either hip width apart, big toes slightly closer than heels, or touching and toes spread out.
  • Press towards the ball of each foot and the outside of the heels.
  • The outside of the feet should be parallel; check that the second toe of each foot is in alignment with the shin.
  • The knees and backs of the thighs should lift up, hips will contract.
  • The tailbone drops down towards the ground while the belly moves towards the spine and the pubic bone moves up to the belly.
  • When the shoulders shrug down and back the breastbone will reach upwards.
  • Head should rest lightly on the first vertebra, ears above the shoulders.


  • If hands are extended at sides the middle finger should be in alignment with the illiotibial band
  • With hands extended overhead the biceps should come alongside the ears, shoulders dropping down the back, fingers spread, and the smallest fingers reaching inwards slightly.