Tri – Tri/Three

Kona – angle

(Utthita – extended)

(Extended) Triangle Pose

  • Stretches and strengthens ankles, legs, and hips
  • Opens the chest & shoulders
  • Increases flexibility in the back and spine
  • Improves circulation to digestive and reproductive organs
  • Calming to the mind which may relieve anxiety


  • People with heart conditions may do pose with back against a wall with top arm on hip
  • The top arm may be kept down as well and the gaze should rest downwards, neck long, for those with high blood pressure
  • Head should be kept facing forward, neck long, for those with any neck injury or pain


  • Start in Tadasana
  • Bring the finger tips in to touch at heart center, elbows out, bend the knees, and inhale.
  • On an exhalation either step or jump the feet 2.5 – 3 feet apart and extend the arms parallel to the floor, palms facing down, shoulders releasing down the back.
  • Turn the right foot out sideways to the right, 90 degrees, and press through the ball of the foot.
  • Turn the left foot inwards slightly to the right, 60 degrees, and press through the little toe of the foot.
  • Check that the heel of the right (front) foot lines up with the arch of the left (back) foot.
  • Kneecaps should be tightened; lifting in the quadriceps and the calves.
  • The tailbone drops down towards the ground while the belly lifts up to draw the ribcage in, and the pubic bone moves up towards the belly.
  • Inhale and extend through the fingertips. Exhale and extend the torso out towards the right foot.
  • When the body does not extend any further, hinge at the right hip and bend sideways toward the floor.
  • Rest the right hand lightly on the shin. Spread the fingers of the left hand, extending up through the arm.
  • Hips should be squared forward. Roll back the left hip while the sit bone of the right hip tucks under.
  • Open across the heart center by shrugging the shoulders down the back and keeping the torso long.
  • Extend through the crown of the head and keep the back of the neck & front of throat equally open, lengthened.
  • Eyes can continue to gaze forward or head can turn to either gaze down towards the right foot, or if it feels comfortable and the neck can stay long, up towards the left hand.
  • To move out of the asana press firmly into the little toe of the left foot, ball of the right foot. On an inhalation pull up towards the left hand and lift the body into an upright position. Turn both feet forward and step back into Tadasana.
  • Repeat pose starting with the left foot.


  • In the extended version of this pose the feet are further apart and the right hand will rest, eventually palm down, on the floor.