A Note About Payment, sent via newsletter in May 2020

I’ve had a lot of questions about payment and concerns about my well-being. People have asked if they can move their Silver & Fit benefit to me and have otherwise expressed concern that I’m not being compensated for the value I provide.

First and foremost, thank you all for your compassion and concern. Please do know that I am not in financial straits due to the closure of Portland Parks & Recreation Community Centers. While my career was upended as of March 13, 2020, my wife continues to enjoy her career as a software engineer for a large company who provide network infrastructure for the world. We enjoy the relative security this offers us, including fairly generous benefits. 

Because of this great privilege, I am able to offer online classes for a very low price. Not all yoga teachers/therapists are able to do this, but I am. My wife and I made this decision together and it was not done lightly. 

However, if for any reason at all this price is too dear for you at this time, or at any time, just come

The thing is, teaching classes is as much about providing a service to a community I care deeply for, as it is a tool for supporting my mental health. I live with Complex PTSD (Complex Trauma), which means I’m always managing anxiety, especially, and depression, often. Connecting in community to teach is one of my most important tools. It turns out that it is even MORE important now!

Come to class. Just come.

Bringing your energy and intention to share with us is payment!

Email me a photograph of flowers in your garden as payment!

Send a paper note to my address above as a payment. I truly treasure and save notes from my students to read when I feeling despair for the world.